Interwave Ltd. provides intermediary services in industry and energy sectors.

If you want to order new equipment or repair old, or make estimates and to perform the claimed work within the limits of the budgeted cost, or maybe you need to implement a complex project - contact Interwave Ltd., we will find the best solution for you. We have good business relationships in the West and East. So we can offer the services which are completely corresponding to your inquiry.

About Us

We are an international trading company specializing in the bridging of the supply and demand of the consuming energy and industrial markets and the most respected manufacturers from across the globe. Our business is connecting you to our worldwide sources of suppliers in record time and to ensure that the transaction is smooth and flawless.

Intermediary services in energy sector


Intermediary services in industrial sector


Intermediary services in the field of railway transport


Other services


Interwave Ltd. specializes in providing intermediary services on the territory of the Russian Federation. But we have a lot of partners in other countries.

By partnering with Interwave Ltd, you gain market access from our international business expertise which expands to several continents from numerous top tier manufacturers specializing in their own specific commodity. When you take advantage of Interwave Ltd. worldwide network, you are guaranteed the highest quality product at competitive prices covered by our product liability insurance, which is an advantage that can be passed on directly to your customer. Not only are we satisfied with servicing our customer's needs, but we will not rest until all expectations are exceeded.


Interwave Ltd. is an international company. Good relationships with our partners help us to arrange financing transactions in the absence of banking, insurance and other guarantees. In addition, we help buyers and sellers of the conflicting countries to circumvent the political and other obstacles.
  • "Interwave Ltd. organizes the supply of the necessary equipment for any enterprise  energy and industrial sector. "

  • "InterwInterwave Ltd. provides intermediary services in delivering and supporting equipment for railway transport. Such as the supply wagons, locomotives, engines, spare parts and others. "


Interwave Ltd. is constantly increasing the list of services. This is achieved through the conclusion of agreements with new partners. At the moment we offer intermediary services in the following areas:

Industrial sector

Due to individual approach, we do not leave without attention any client wish.

Energy sector

All of our employees are qualified. They always find the optimal solution for your situation.

Equipment and solutions for railway transport

If you are looking for a reliable partner, contact us, because you have already found it.

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Interwave Ltd. office in Russia. We will be happy to answer any question.

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Interwave Ltd.

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